7 actionable steps to ace your coding interview 👩‍💻

Coming out happy from an Interview | credits : workable

For this article, 🧔 = The Interviewer and 👩‍💻 = You

Step 1. Clarify the Hidden Details

Step 2. Write edge cases

Step 3. Simulate approach on Paper & Discuss

An “Interviewer Friendly” Code Snippet

4.Comment to explain your code

5. Write modular, intuitive code

  • Add helper functions to reduce clutter
  • Use intuitive variable names : tempansstringIndex✅ [Have a look at the picture👆]

Step 6. Test your code for bugs 🐞

[Bonus] 7. If you’re stuck : Stay calm, Think out loud, and Try new ideas

  • Try to go through a mental checklist of Data Structures and Algorithms you have in your inventory, and check if something fits.
  • Think out loud . Doing this will help interviewer gauge your direction, after which he can give you a suitable hint.
  • Strike a balance between thinking and communicating. Communicating too frequently will not give you time enough to think with a stable mind. Communicate too less, and you could end up spending too much time on a wrong approach which otherwise the interviewer could have corrected.
  • Interviewers sometimes give you brownie points for struggling with the problem and not giving up

[Bonus 2] A sample coding interview by Google

  • How to introduce yourself impactfully?
  • How to draft a resume that’s eye-catching and passes ATS?
  • How to apply and ace off-campus hiring?
  • How to kickstart interview prep, if you’re a beginner?




SDE @ Microsoft | ketkar.me 🌐 linktr.ee/ketkar 🎄

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Aditya Ketkar

Aditya Ketkar

SDE @ Microsoft | ketkar.me 🌐 linktr.ee/ketkar 🎄

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