Jagrati Yatra | Day (0)

The 12 major stops in the route for Jagriti Yatra 2018–19

How I got to know about Jagriti Yatra

I came to know about Yatra while I was stalking through LinkedIn profiles of my seniors in college. It was not a great attraction for me at first, because being from a purely technical background, it felt out of place for me to join the Yatra. I also felt a little inferior on browsing the profiles of some Yatra alumni, who were mostly associated with some NGO or were already entrepreneurs. But still, I decided to apply for it.

Why did I apply for Yatra

Having completed 2 years of engineering, I was going through an uncertain phase of college life, the 'Mid Engineering-Life Crisis'. I was not completely sure what I'll be doing after my BE, and wanted to explore different fields. But above all, my motivation for Yatra was that I wanted to solve real life problems in future. And Yatra seemed to provide a good status check of country's problems.

How I drafted Statement of Purpose

Firstly, I did a lot of research on Yatra, and how its vision aligned with my goals for future. I did not fake anything in the application. It was written carefully, keeping in mind the vision of Yatra and clearly explaining my expectations from the journey. I would say that a decently drafted SOP is enough to get you shortlisted for Yatra.

The big question : Is it any good for you?

I’ll start by sharing my background. I am a pre-final year student of Computer Sciences at BITS Pilani Goa Campus. Unlike some other participants, who have some experience in entrepreneurship, I do not hold any experience in this field.



SDE @ Microsoft | ketkar.me 🌐 linktr.ee/ketkar 🎄

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