Jagriti Yatra | Day 1

Aditya Ketkar
3 min readDec 24, 2018


Long. Exhausting. Inspiring. Enriching.

These words come somewhat close to describing the first day of Yatra. It was 15 hours of constant interaction and events paired up with hot weather of Mumbai that made us weary multiple times throughout the day. But we felt much like a phoenix, dropping dead many times by continuous exhaustion, but being revived by the shear amount of energy and vibrancy of people around.

Yatra Kit and Welcome Letter

The day started at 8:30 am, as we reached the gorgeous campus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences. After a long process of baggage drop and registration, we had our Yatri kit distribution followed by breakfast. Then we had around 1.5 hours till lunch, which we used for introduction and interaction among Yatris. And this is where beauty of Yatra shows up.

We had young people from all the domains of life. We had IITians, a whole lot of BITSians, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Dairy Engineers, Engineers turned social scientists and some more engineers. We had beatboxers, poets, doctors, bloggers, travellers, photographers. Numerous unheard professions, 400 unique stories and a lot to share. This is where you realise that you’ve really been confined to your shell all your college life. This is the part where is strikes that only chasing marks is foolhardy, that interacting with people from various stratum of society and finding a cause for your work and efforts is equally important.


After lunch, we gathered in the convention centre of TISS for the induction session. We were told about the genesis of Jagriti Yatra, introduced to the founders of Yatra and briefed about the regulations during Yatra. Undoubtedly, the best part was when we followed the choreography on Jagriti Geet. Damn! Last time so much energy was seen in the universe, probably Big Bang happened!

Flag Off ceremony

After the induction, we moved on to flag off ceremony following snacks.

We left TISS at 11 pm. We were at CST by 1 am, after which boarding the train and meeting cohort members took another hour.

Ground Zero. Yaaro Chalo!

This pretty much sums up the Day 1 of Yatra. I’ll write about the ideas discussed by speakers in a seperate post.

Later :-)