Jagriti Yatra | Day 5

Aditya Ketkar
3 min readDec 30, 2018


One third through the yatra :)

I’ve learned that there’s more to learn. There’s always more inspirational people to meet. More stories to hear. More risks to take. More challenges to face. And more role models to follow.

Madurai! The beauty of this region really exceeds your expectations. The classic South Indian movie type city gives you nostalgic chills.
We were hosted by Aravind Eyecare Centre in Madurai. Aravind Eyecare is unlike any hospital one can see. More than social and scientific pioneers, they are pioneers in management. They conduct 1500+ surgeries per day!
Here is why Aravind’s is a pioneer and innovator :

  • The innovations in surgery by Aravind’s Eyecare have brought about a revolution in productivity of Eye surgeons.
Average surgeries per year of an Aravind’s Doctor
  • Non profit model : Aravind’s Eyecare provides two options for patients. One, they can pay nothing, or pay subsidized rates. Two, they can pay any amount above decided minimum for the treatment. Note there is no difference whatsoever in the treatment offered to different class of patients. Surprisingly, this model not only covers the cost of type 1 patients using money from type 2 patients, but also creates profit which they reinvest in research and infra. The Aravind has a vision, a purpose.

Money divides people, purpose unites

  • Eye lens innovation : In initial phase of Aravind Eyecare, the founder faced a problem with extremely expensive imported lenses. So he decided to manufacture under their own name. Aurolab was established with the vision of producing affordable lenses. They brought down the cost of lenses from $200 to $5.
  • Policies and Management : Aravind’s considers itself as management organisation along with medical service organization. They even cover the transport of patients from far off areas to medical centres. They are considered pioneers of fine scheduling and outreach.

Intelligence and capability is not enough. There must be joy of doing something beautiful.

PS : In case you’re wondering how busy are we each day, the picture says it all

Day 3 Schedule. We’re packed from 0600 to 2300

We head south towards Chennai now, and then north to Vizag day after tomorrow, to witness the grand system of innovation valley and most of all, kick start Business Gyan Tree exercise.

Till then, peace ✌