Jagriti Yatra | Day 3

Morning in Dharwad

First day of wake-up calls on PA systems, and we already hate it. The wake up calls start at 6.30 with announcement and goes on playing songs after that. As we wake up, the train is already on halt at Dharwad. A fire drill is conducted, followed by delicious Poha on platform itself. Some beautiful landscapes made it a good start for the day.

We were hosted by Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya. The role model discussion kicked off by a talk on Selco’s policies and innovations. It was followed by a talk from Adam, the director of KSV. It’s a great initiative by him and his team, breaking traditional definitions of education and inculcating values outside of the classroom in meaningful way. We then did a tour of KSV campus, followed by lunch.

We were joined by two more role models for chair car session. We then saw a great collection of postcards by our facilitator, which he has collected over 7 years.

Where do you see yourself?

The dinner, as usual, continued to be surprisingly good. Tomorrow is a visit to Bangalore’s Sheros and YCook India. Excited for tomorrow and exhausted by today.
Later :-)

Jagriti experience is very subjective, what I'll experience is very different from what others will. This blog represents my views and experiences on Yatra. It's not a classroom where all students are with same notes. It’s more of an inner journey, and has different surprises for everyone :)

PPS: Since the daily routine is already explained in past few posts, I'll give into specific discussions and role models from next post, rather than repeating the same things.



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